Meet The Kittens!


Dwelling within shadows, under garbage cans and tiny cracks. Customary greetings aren’t a strong suit… you will find the hand before meeting this kitty.


Hailing from all corners of the street these territorial wolves will always have the last word.

Exploding Kittens

Attack of the Killer Kittens -Versions

Attack of the Killer Kittens comes in two version: Starter Deck and NSFW Deck. The rules for each game are indentical, however there are different card designs for each deck.

Card Game

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Fun and Cheap Bridal Shower Game Ideas

Bridal Shower

We all know that weddings are expensive, not only for the groom and bride, but also for their entourage and guests. Clothes, gifts, transportation and accommodations are just some of the guests’ financial responsibilities. Because of this, some do not bother planning or attending the bridal shower or bachelorette party especially if it is expensive.
However, you can have a bridal shower without breaking the bank. How about doing it at home? With just cheap snacks, cool music, and fun games, everybody can have a good time!

Below are some fun games that you can try:

Story Telling. If some girls attending the bridal shower do not know each other, one way for them to relax is to have a story telling. Gather all the girls and each should take turns in telling a funny (but not too embarrassing) story about the bride. This way, they will get to know the bride better, and at the same time, know what each of the guests’ relationship to the bride which will make them feel closer to each other.

Advice Bouquet:

Another good idea that is workable at a bridal shower party would be to collect an advice bouquet for the bride. Construct paper flowers or flower origami with pipe cleaner stems attached. Make sure all party guests have written their advice on that flower origami and present the collected advice bouquet to the bride as a surprise.

Question and Answer:

This is a game for the guests to determine how well they really know the couple or the bride. Prior to the party, make sure to ask the couple or the bride some information like their first date, favorite color, theme song, or where they first met. These questions will then be asked to the guests invited to the bridal shower. You might as well add harder questions or naughty inquiries to the guests if they are so much close to the couple. This game is simple yet creates a fun and exciting atmosphere for everyone involved. Another option to this game is just ask the groom some questions about him or their relationship and let the bride answer them.

Design a Wedding Gown:

Divide the guests in two or more groups. Each group must choose one member to act as a “bride”. Then, using toilet paper, newspaper, or scratch papers, each group must design and dress a wedding gown for their “bride”. The real bride will act as a judge and choose the gown she likes best.

Planning a fun but the cheap bridal shower is easier when you are creative and resourceful. You should bear in mind that the means to a wonderful party is putting all your heart into. Having this kind of party should be an exciting and enjoyable for everyone involved. Don’t let financial issues stop you from having fun.

Great Board Games Still Exist for Kids

Candy Land

I am sure that we have all wondered if the games that we played as kids were still around. Well, rest assured that they are around and still just as fun to play now as they were back when we were kids. For Christmas my daughter recently got a couple of the games that my husband and I played as kids. The games were Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. While these games have a lot of pluses compared to some of the computer games that are around if your child have gotten used to using a computer or watching television they could get bored of these games quickly.

Chutes and Ladders

Candy Land:

The first game that I thought you would like to know some more information on is Candy Land. I know that when I played the game it taught me quite a bit about colors and searching for them on a board game. I quite enjoyed playing the game and my daughter is slowing starting to grasp the concept, but she does get bored quickly from the game because it is not very interactive to her. However, I know that kids still enjoy the game and I am sure that my daughter will to. The best feature is that the gameplay has not changed much since we were playing the game as kids so we will not need to re-read the directions to learn it!

Chutes and Ladders:

Chutes and Ladders is another great game that I played as a kid and I know how much fun it can be. My daughter does seem to like this game more. I think that is mainly because of the spinning dial that she can twirl to determine how many spots her little person has to move. I know that she is learning how to count as well and also learning to take turns while using this game to play. So this game, because it does seem to have a better ability to interact with her, is one that she really loves to play. The one thing that I did notice was different about this version of Chutes and Ladders is that it is more updated and colorful than when I played it as a kid.


The games that my daughter got for Christmas this past year are great games that I know that my husband and I can play with her. They are also some of the older games that we all probably played as kids growing up and enjoyed for many hours. The downside is with all of the visual stimulation that kids have these days my daughter gets bored with the board games rather quickly. Both of these games will be a great idea for you to purchase for your kids because you never know when the electric will go out because of an outage.